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Asin Photos on Vogue Magazine Launch Ceremony

Asin is going to be very busy soon. Because, even before her first Bollywood film Gajini with Aamir Khan is not released, but now itself, Asin has hand full of Bollywood films. Heard the news that Asin’s coming films after Gajini are London Dreams, Aise to Taisa. And when she was become the Cover girl of the Vogue will also gave her a big attention in the Bollywood now a days. Who knows, some times Asin will directly enter to the Hollywood itself within a short time. And some gossips heard that, Asin is not going to act in any more Tamil films soon. Its due to her plans to concentarte more time in the Bollywood. Here its the latest photos of Asin with the inaguration of the Vogue 2008 July with her photo itself.

Asin latest news

Asin pulls out of Akshay's 'Aise Ko Taisa'!

The Latest news on Hindi Flim Industry was It seems South India's Next Best Thing Asin is determined to take her success-quotient to the highest level in Bollywood as it is in Tamil and Telugu cinema. No false moves, no slipups for the stunning sensation from the South who is being touted as a blend of Hema Malini and Rekha. Just recently, Asin gave the nod to three biggies with Aamir Khan ('Hindi Ghajini'), Salman Khan-Ajay Devgan ('London Dreams') and last but certainly not the least, Akshay Kumar ('Aise Ko Taisa'). Now the news is, Asin is out of Priyadarshan's comedy with Akshay Kumar. Reason? According to Asin's polite father, "There's a date clash with the promos of Hindi'Ghajini'."

However, the director Priyadarshan is more forthcoming. "The Akshay film is a three-heroine project. I don't think Asin would be comfortable with that. My producers Venus are looking into the matter of the heroines. We start shooting in November. So we've ample time to find the girls."
As far as Asin is concerned, the signal is loud and clear. This girl is here only to do author-backed central roles.
Asin on Confusion !!!!!

Asin is currently making waves all over India. She has paired with Aamir Khan for the movie ‘Ghajini’ and is totally upbeat about the prospects. Reportedly offered many more roles in Hindi Cinema, she brushes aside speculation that she would permanently move to Mumbai.

'I'd like to work in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films and there is no question of sticking with just one language' Sweetly Said by Asin

Angel-Asin added that no matter what language she is working in, she would make it a point to dub with her own voice. According to her, 'only when the same artiste does the dubbing part will the character gain significance in a perfect manner. I would never let anyone else dub for me'.

Asin is currently in Mumbai and stated very clearly that when she works in Tamil and Telugu movies she'd base herself in Chennai.

Asin's pan-Indian features is fetching her numerous offers in many languages.

Says a smiling Asin, 'I am a girl from Kerala and my first role was in a Telugu film and I played a Tamil girl'. Testimony enough for her pan-Indian appeal.

Asin Tells About Missing Maid Episode!!

Asin’s missing the maid climbing unwanted media attention, the actress has clarified her stand over the issue on her website. Asin has posted a column on her website today under the title ‘Missing Maid’ stating that the whole episode has been blown out of proportion by some people trying to gain cheap publicity out of it.

Beula is Asin’s staff member since January 2006 and when Asin moved to Mumbai in December 2007, she took Beula to Mumbai with her sole consent. Asin further mentioned in the post that Beula’s (Asin’s maid) mother misused her hard-earned money and hence Beula decided to save it for herself. The enraged mother filed a baseless complaint due to this, Asin’s post stated. Asin also assured that she would ensure proper protection to Beula as she is her staff member. As a signing off note, the actress noted that she would continue to write on her website more often.

Asin now going to Act with Akshay Kumar!!!!!!!!

Asin's Bollywood next door opens after Hindi Ghajini in the form of one of the bollywood Successful director Priyadharson!

According to Sources, Beauty Queen Asin would be paired opposite Bollywood’s current superstar Akshay Kumar in Priyadarshan’s laugh riot ‘Aise Ko Taisa’. Aise Ko Taisa also stars Paresh Rawal and Sunil Shetty.
It seems that Asin has made it real big in Bollywood. Even before the release of her first hindi movie, Ghajini, she is attracting big banners. I became an Asin fan after watching her in Ghajini (Tamil), and if she repeats the same in the Hindi version, she can challenge Kareena Kapoor of Jab We Met.
In addition to movies she can also be seen in various commercials including Mirinda, Fairever, Colgate, Spinz .

Asin Going To Sing?

The Latest Sexy Asin's Hot news was about her extra talent!!!
The Malayalam Angel Asin who is currently building basement stong in Bollywood is by increasing extra talents one by one.

For that now she started training in classical music In her childhood days many years before she made stage presence with microphone. However,She will sing in Bollywood it was in the hands of flimmakers.if they are willing means Asin voice are ready to sound

Asin gonna act with salman khan!!!!

The latest talk of the town is Asin pair with salmankhan in her next Hindi film,Not only Salman and Ajay Devgan also be in this film named ‘London Dreams’. TheProducer of this film is Vipul Shah.

The producer Approached Asin for a certain number of times and he decide this project is for Asin But he says that nothing has yet been finalized. Now all on Asin’s hand she still have to say yes for the Londen Dreams. The delay is because she is currently busy working in a Hindi film with Aamir Khan which is a Tamil remake of ‘Ghajini’

Asin in London Dreams?

The latest huge exprctation of the town is asin’s next project is London dreams for this Asin has to act with salmankhan big bollywood buddy ,Not only Salman ,Ajay Devgan also be in this film. TheProducer of this film is Vipul Shah. The producer Approached Asin for a certain number of times and he decide this project is for Asin But he says that nothing has yet been finalized.

Now all on Asin’s hand she still have to say yes for the Londen Dreams. The delay is because she is currently busy working in a Hindi film with Aamir Khan which is a Tamil remake of ‘Ghajini’.

Asin doing workout in Gym!!!!!!

The Angel of South Asin now improves his fitness for that she regularly workout
gym with one specialist as appointed as a fitness coach.Asin basically intelligent girl and she knows what to do and where to do because the south flim industry likekollywood,mollywood and tollywood never minds about the body structure and all as a matter.But Bollywood is very different suite. Here body structure is very very important then she will able to provide the competition over katrina, kareena, deepika padukone and Aiswarya roy

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Latest Asin Gossips

Genelia Replaces Asin on Priyadarshan’s ‘Aisae KoThaicha’?

Actress Asin much before completing her shoot for first Hindi film ‘Ghajini’ had signed for a project with Director Priyadarshan. However, now Asin has been eliminated from Priyadarshan’s ‘Aisae KoThaicha’. Ever since, Priyadarshan had offered to play female lead role for this film, Asin had an assertive approach. But then as she signed set of TV commercials, Asin insisted Director Priyadarshan to postpone the shooting. Frustrated by Asin reply, Priyadarshan has now eliminated her and is now looking for a new heroine.

Latest Buzzes Or Gossips are that he would be roping in Genelia for she had earlier performed in his ‘Mere Baap Pehle Aap’. Sources close to Asin have revealed that since the film has three heroines, she thought that her importance would be less and that’s reason lying beneath her refusal.
today hot news

Asin Gonna act with Amitabh Bachchan and Shahid Kapoor?

 Latest Asin Gossips,Latest Sexy asin news, Latest hindi news Now all eyes turn towards the one of young talented south indian actress Asin because of the latest hot gossips across the country that every says Asin is very lucky because of first amirkhan,salmankhan,akshaykumar and now shahid kapoor and Big 'B' Amitabh Bachchan This gossip will come to true means The Angel Asin really Angel for Bollywood or next sridevi for Bollywood.

Asin going to act with Jackie chan?

Bolywood Debutant Asin is busy have a house of gossips and the new arrival is that she is going to pair with Jackie Chan.

This gossip was first started in mollywood and then it spread to kollywood.
She is on seeking ther opportunities and few days before she said she will speak in hindi fluently with out dubbing on her flims.she is very cool and said about the gossib
its all in the part of the game!!!!!!!!!

Asin do add with jackie chan ?

The below news from Sources has said that Asin make big impact over jackie eyes with her
gentle coustume on Dasawatharam Audio Release function even though it beats the bollywood hot baby Malika sharawat 's Mini Skirt .

For those impact asin going to be add with jackie chan one of the world wide known brand in hong kong.Already has the 13 brand ambassadorship's .Now she might feel its best among all .

Asin Hot news! Asin with Rajini

Now this is hot rumour over all part of the country . The Actor Legend Kamal hassan going to produce one flim for Indian Super Star Rajinikanth in his RajKamal flim international and the big surprise is female lead is Angel Asin .

She will be more than excited to act with Rajinikanth.Kamal make oral commitment on Asin in the suiting of dasawatharam . this is current buzz floating over the air across the country we are waiting for official reports from kamal

Asin Simbu Midnight Hot discussion!

Now the most excited news in tamil flim industry is Asin going to act with simbu(orginally called Silambarasan).After the success of simbu's vallavan,he started new project namely ketavan.The female lead was first appointed was leka Wasington who was Vj of S.S. Music Channel .Simbu not satisfied with her performance so that

Simbu decide to change her heroine. Simbu tried so many heroines for this role but no response for leading heroines.because of the nauty boy image .but except the one girl
who was none other than Asin . Asin last midnight birthday party gossips also confirms
that asin be next heroine of the simbu’s Kettavan .after the love failure with nayanthara
now simbu eyes going to touch the Angel- Asin’s heart .Before 2 years both Asin and
are to be paired in S.J.Surya’s flim A.C but the flim has been dropped .But sources said
that A.C. flim has not dropped it has to be taken after 1 year.These kettavan is now just a
gossip until the official news from Asin or Simbu!!!!!!!!

Asin-simbu are next lovable pairs?

Recently Asin Celebrate her b'day with the Selected personalities around the cinema world. In this
Asin Birthday function only that Hottest gossip arrived . that gossip was Asin had treated all persons equally execpt than one guy who has bad or nauty boy image in Kollywood that guy is none other than Simbu .After function all other persons gone to their home except simbu . because both Simbu and Asin made the mid night hot discussion in Asin's bedroom. Asin's father really got disappointment over the asin activity . for that Asin's father called the media and make light of this
hot gossips. Asin comes to know this leekage of gossips is due to her father , she got angried 1ooo times more than normal . now all are discussing asin and simbu what they discussed over midnight? and is Asin and simbu are next kollywood love birds?

Trisha Congrats Asin?

Being Asin Switched her Market from TamilNadu to Mumbai,Most of the Kollywood Top Heroines Like Trisha ,Nayanthara are very very happy over here in chennai . For they
Provide SMS Wishes to Asin for Bollywood they want Asin to Next Sridevi.who knows their
pray god to stay asin in Bollywood because of reducing competition in Kollywood.Sources
also said make the complete transfer from kollywood to Bollywood because she bought a flat in mumbai and committed two more flims than Ghajini

Asin- The Cover Girl of Vogue Magazine

The New Bollywood Girl ASIN. Covers the cover story of one of the world popular magazine Vogue by this July 2008. frontpage of the magazine provides the Hot actress Asin is in her red sexy avatar. Its really a nice sexy show for the actress Asin. Any way having excellent time for the actress Asin. Because of her ongoing Tamil feauture film Dasavatharam with actor legend Kamal Hasan was a very big Blockbuster hit And Finally Asin is selected as the Cover Girl of the 10th issue of Vogue Magazine.
According to message from the source of bollygossibs The Young hot actress said that “Oh, it’s Really fantastic, I feel on the top of the world. To be the cover of the 10th issue of Vogue, even before my first national film and the first anniversary of Vogue, its’ simply great”. Also Asin told that “the shoot with Vogue was really thrilling and nice and it was her first flim shoot for a fashion Magazine, The cloths are also fantastic, Most of the actors don’t like doing still photo shoots, but I love tham. I am very comfirtable and I enjoy the cloths, looking good and freezing the moment.” While the editor of the Blog, Priya Tanna told that, Asin was the annonimous choice of the cover for Vogue Magazine July 2008. The inaguration function was conducted at Chennai. And before her first film coming out, the Bollywood is discussin, that Asin is going to make a compatetion with Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in the Bollywood

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Asin's Blockbuster Movies so far



3. Pokkiri

4. Varalaru

5. Gajini

6. Ullam Kekumey

7. M.Kumaran
S/o Mahalakshmi

8. Garshana

9. Sivamani 98480 22338

10.Amma Nana O Tamila Ammai

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Asin Wallpapers

Asin Tamil Ghajini Wallpapers!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Asin's Touching Scene on Ghajini

Asin's Ghajini Trailer

Asin's Profile

Asin’s full name is Asin Thottumkal born on Oct- 26- 1985 in Kochi She is Daughter of Joseph Thottumkal, a businessman and a famous doctor known in the city namely Seline Thottumkal, Asin aim to become an actress in childhood itself. Asin finished graduation from St. Teresa's College at Kochi. His first flim begins from his own land i.e. Kerala

Name of the flim is "Narendra Makan Jayakanthan Vaka" in 2001. After that she was recogonized by all in 2003 only for while give two blockbuster hits in Telugu they are"Shivamani 9848022338" opposite Nagarjuna and "Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi" opposite Ravi Teja. And more fabulos things in her life is merited Best Actress Awards from Santosham, which was given by one of the leading Telugu film magazine for "Shivamani 9848022338" and Filmfare Awards {Telugu} for "Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi". This shows that her first success comes from Tollywood.After full success she wants to win over in Kollywood also. Asin was first noticed by directed Jeeva he only brings here by the movie Ullam kekumey .Another Award for Asin not in Telungu in Tamil movie "Ghajini" {2005}starring opposite Surya and once again won the Filmfare Best Actress Award {Tamil} The Movies raises all eyebrows of all in kollywood for doing such a comedy scenes in this flim. This flim is the Landmark of Asin’s career.

After winning the awards, the svelte actress got busier in Telugu and Tamil movies Then started doing only selected movies and with selected heroes like Balakrishna, Venkatesh, Prabhas, Surya, Vijay, Vikram, Ajith, Pavan Kalyan, brother of super star Chiranjeevi and last but not least including the Legend actor in World Cinema Kamal Haasan in "Dashavataram", a multi-lingual movie to be released in 8 Indian languages in early November of 2007. Then Angel girl is Started shifting towards Bollywood by the same name Ghajini but the version is Hindi She is now acting opposite Lengend actor, Aamir Khan , which is to be released in 2008 ".

Apart from movies the Angel actress has also worked for Colgate, Mirinda, Fairever and several other products.